Scaling Product Design with DesignOps

Investing in the infrastructure of a DesignOps team early on as you scale may allow you to create those conditions where designers can do their best work, make the communication system meetings as efficient and effective as possible and be really intentional about how you onboard and train people during different stages of growth.

Recently — during a Rethink event earlier this year — I sat down with four wonderful women leaders shaping the DesignOps practice:

  • Courtney Kaplan, Director of Design Program Management, Facebook;

  • Meredith Black — Frmr. Head of Design Operations, Pinterest;

  • Adrienne Allnutt — Director, UX Design & Research Ops; LinkedIn

  • Lauren Liao — Director, Strategy & Ops, Design & Research Lead, Twitter

We discussed the role of Design Ops discipline, their approach to operational design during different stages of growth, how to advocate for getting someone in the role, and ways to foster better collaboration and alignment as the organization scales.