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Meredith Black

Design Operations Consultant

Meredith Black is the former Head of Design Operations at Pinterest where she managed the Program Management and Designer Experience teams, overseeing the process, team growth and design culture. From solving problems on the ground, defining high-level strategy, and connecting people with opportunity, Meredith has experience growing orgs and setting them up for success and has co-authored the book, “The Design Ops Handbook”

Prior to Pinterest, Meredith worked at design firms Hot Studio (acquired by Facebook) and IDEO. Her love for design runs deep. Real deep.


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The reason why I recommend this book is because it can be challenging taking on a new role and it can be even more challenging managing people in a role that is still considered ambiguous. Amy Cuddy’s book helped me become “present” and start pushing past the fear of being in high-pressure moments and learning how to embrace those moments one day at a time. For anyone starting out in designops or managing in general, I highly recommend this book. You’ll be standing in the bathroom doing power poses without even thinking about it.

Meredith Black
Design Operations Consultant