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Transformational leaders don’t fear the future, they own it. What if you could rethink what is possible for our career?

Thanks to the RETHINK events I've learned a lot of frameworks that I applied right away to deal with my own challenges in my day to day work.

Jian Wei
Design Director, Zendesk

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Where creative leaders experiment and grow – together.

Self-awareness is the key to building leadership capabilities. 

At RETHINK we provide a safe space for you to discuss your challenges, understand how to achieve greater strategic influence as a leader, access an exclusive, private community of like-minded leaders and change-makers who are committed to leadership growth.

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Our mission is to enhance human potential through adaptive learning experiences tailored to professionals needs and challenges..

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I am now in charge of driving a new initiative for my team, and the storytelling skills I learned from the RETHINK Program have been immensely helpful in terms of getting the team on the same page and excited about the vision.

Bingrui Tang
Design Lead , Store No.8