We help each other level up our skills

Rethink is a community of product design professionals navigating growth, ambiguity, and change.

We host highly curated design events in San Francisco and discuss how to tackle complex challenges. 

Our mission is to help senior level design professionals learn new skills, and stay on top of the game. We provide a safe space for designers & managers to discuss the challenges that impact their professional growth.
CORE values

People are at the heart of everything we do.

for Learning

We are curious, asking questions to understand the root cause of a problem. We are courageous risk-takers, dealing with uncertainty and making things happen with limited resources.


We show up as real, vulnerable and transparent human beings and operate with honesty and integrity. We learn from our mistakes, and demonstrate an ability to help each other grow and thrive.

Act With

Our community is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. We understand and are curious by each others’ unique qualities, motivations and needs.
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