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Lauren Liao

Design & Research Operations, Twitter

In this role, Lauren is responsible for shaping the vision the Design & Research team and making it real, building and managing the first design and research ops team, fostering strong team culture, and raising the profile of the Twitter Design & Research brand internally as well as externally.

Prior to joining Twitter in June 2018, she was a Global Principal at Wolff Olins where she served as Head of Strategy of the SF office.

Right now, Lauren is having a lot of fun working with her team to design the optimal conditions for the Twitter Design & Research team to hum. As an Aries who wants to get everything done by yesterday, what's top of mind for her in 2019 is patience and pacing.


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The Art of Gathering

I recommend it because, in our Design Ops role, we are often playing the role of "host" - from leading meetings to design team events - and Priya's book is the ultimate guide for how to make those gatherings as meaningful and memorable as possible.

Lauren Liao
Design & Research Operations, Twitter