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Adrienne Allnutt

Design & Research Operations, LinkedIn

Adrienne is currently leading the User Experience Design and Research Ops team at LinkedIn where she has grown the team of program managers and specialists over the past 4+ years. She thrives on designing experiences for the org to be creative, get stuff done, collaborate, and be silly.

In previous roles, Adrienne has worked in product management and email marketing.


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Decision Making
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Working within a role where you are guiding UX teams down recommended paths can be stressful. In DesignOps, you are often confronted daily on decisions and problem solving. This book has helped me to be more intentional and prescriptive about the choices I am making not only for the teams I’m working with, but for myself and my own career path. I recommend this book to anyone in DesignOps who is struggling with making decisions and finding it difficult to stop to think and reflect. The book has been very influential in my personal journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

Adrienne Allnutt
Design & Research Operations, LinkedIn