Exercise: Playing with scope

Altay Sendil
Senior Staff Researcher, Pinterest

Please take a few minutes to scope a story you’d like to tell.

We have some prompts for you here that I’ll walk you through.

What is the goal of your story? (Is there a question you want to answer or a decision you want to inform?)

Who is your audience?

What does your audience need?

What does success look like?

Who do you need to talk to in order to gather input for your story?

What environment do you need to have access to in order to inform your story?

What do you envision as the output (even though you haven’t started yet)?

  • Format and medium
  • Reaction/Response
  • Takeaway 

After you've answered the questions, let's play around with the initial parameters you’ve articulated. Think of it as a creative exercise to change the initial aperture, and see what you get. Find the sweet spot. Don’t be so laser-focused, yet don’t boil the ocean.