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Altay Sendil
Senior Staff Researcher
Kent Eisenhuth
Staff UX Designer, Data Visualization
Jian Wei
Director of Design
Chetana Deorah
Director of Product Design
Aniruddha Kadam
Design Manager
Leslie Yang
Sr. Design Manager
Frank Bach
Principal Product Designer

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Transitioning from IC to Manager
Jeff Smith, Coinbase
Aniruddha Kadam, Google
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How to make your design process more inclusive
Jen Kozenski-Devins Google
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Career Leveling and Goal Tracking
Leslie Yang, Lyft
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The Usability of the Design System
Sun Dai, Facebook
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Influencing Product Strategy As a Designer
Yitong Zhang, Coinbase
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Organizing and Communicating Your Design System
Michelle Alvarez, Google
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Running Effective Design Critique
Leslie Yang, Lyft
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How to Structure Great One on One Meetings
Aniruddha Kadam, Google
Jeff Smith, Coinbase
2 videos
How to Create Effective Design Process
Jeff Smith, Coinbase
Aniruddha Kadam, Google
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