Exercise: Playing with flow

Altay Sendil
Senior Staff Researcher, Pinterest


Think of a story you’ve told recently at work. Maybe this is a recent project you wrapped up. Storyboard your story with these cards

Feel free to print these cards or use post-its if you find it easier.

Lay this storyboard out on your desk. You don’t have to use all these prompts, but please try to use more than three.

Use 5 minutes to tell each other your respective story. (You’ll each have a little over two minutes). After that, we’ll reconvene here.

Now, look back at your storyboard. Move some pieces around. What happens if you move the conclusion to the front? What if you remove some extraneous sections? Was something missing? Let’s take a few minutes to rethink your flow, and then we can go back into our breakout pairs and share this new version of your story with your partner.