Assignment - Write a Postcard to Yourself


Assignment - Write a Postcard to Yourself

Julie Stanescu
Founder, RETHINK

For Mentees

This assignment is an opportunity around evaluating your storytelling and collaboration skills by reflecting on past experiences, becoming self-aware of the challenges you’re facing and setting clear goals to improve one skill.

Write a Postcard to Yourself

-- deadline August 8

Considering the framework Altay presented in his workshop, write a postcard to yourself where you identify an opportunity around evolving your storytelling skills.

This is a short story about what is one commitment you make to yourself to improve your storytelling skills? By when are you going to improve?

Think of things like:

  • Define the outputs (what is one thing you want to improve) and outcomes (what difference you hope it will make) for you and for the collaboration with your team?
  • What would it mean for you if you achieved [goal]? How would it feel? How would it impact you and your collaboration with your team?
  • What aspects of your current skills would you like to change as a consequence of attending RETHINK Storytelling Program?
Share your Assignment here when you are done. It helps with accountability and to get feedback.

The more personal you can make the letter the better that it is. Be realistic and really honest with yourself. Embrace that inner voice that you may never have written down on paper. Keep it short, clear and concise.


Here’s an example of a postcard from a future self:

Sent date: 03.14.2022
Open date: 10.20.2022
Dear Mary,
You would so want to be here right now! I am now leading a team of 8 people that I really enjoy working with. I created a group environment where my team feels supported, and confident to give feedback openly to each other. I have used my learnings from RETHINK Storytelling Program to establish some thoughtful rituals and agreements that helped us to thrive working together. Today we had a brainstorming session where I was able to use my storytelling and communication skills to drive the conversation effectively. We used some past team projects to identify what people did well and made changes based on their newly identified strengths. At one point they had a tensioned discussion and they turned that into an opportunity listening to each other’s perspectives from different personalities in the team in order to spark and refine solutions that work well for each team member. I feel so inspired to see the great synergy within the team.
Anyway, wish you were here.
P.S. When are you getting here?

RETHINK provides a certificate of completion at the end of the program only if you posted your weekly assignments and learnings here in the group. 

This group is private only with the members of this cohort.