Exercise: Finding Your APEX


Exercise: Finding Your APEX

Frank Bach
Staff Product Designer at Instagram, Formerly at Headspace

Recommended Time: 20 minutes

Uncover what makes you unique as a design leader. If you’re hesitant or anxious to jump into a leadership role, this exercise can help you discover the strengths and aspirations that make you unique as a leader.  Share with your partners. 

  • Awareness: What’s something you're uniquely passionate about, in relation to your work?
  • Perspective: Share an unpopular opinion you have.
  • Experience: Looking at your career to-date, share a key moment where you were proud or exceeded expectations.

Awareness: What is one unusual skill you have that you are passionate about?

The word 'unusual' forces you to think about what's different about yourself - make sure to delve deeper, think about all the things you do at work but also outside of your work environment. 

Perspective: What is one unpopular opinion that you have?

*It doesn’t need to be work-related

Experience: Identify one moment from your experience when you went above and beyond and exceeded expectations

  • Think about a project you completed that had a clear goal.
  • Discuss why you chose to go above and beyond and how did you go about it?
  • Explain the outcome.

Experience: What is one thing people consistently say you are really good at?

When you ask your team or your manager what is one thing you are really good at, what would they say about you? Is there something that you would change about that?