What is Your Triangle of Trust?


Building and sustaining trust is a key success factor in any collaboration. Trust in action exists when team members not only mean what they say, are dependable following through their commitments but also are authentic and specific to remove opportunities for misalignment or confusion.

This week - we invite you to apply the Triangle of Trust framework presented by Michael Chanover to learn how do you Build, Maintain, and Measure trust? 

What is YOUR triangle of trust?

Due April 17

  1. Observe & write down how do you build, maintain and measure trust? Make a note for what builds and loses your trust?
  2. Connect with your peers the mentorship group and ask them what did they identify as being their key elements of trust? Make notes on those insights. Reflect and understand the common patterns between how you vs each member of your mentorship group builds trust.
  3. Share your key learnings from this Assignment in a new post here on the community. What did you learn about the elements of building trust? Were there any similarities in how each of you built trust? Was there anything surprising for you about how other people build and maintain trust as compared to how you do it? Any questions that came up while doing this activity? -- Share your high-level learnings - without sharing any names or specifics from your discussions.


RETHINK provides a certificate of completion at the end of the program only if you posted your weekly assignments and learnings here in the group.