Assignment - Getting buy in for your idea or vision

Julie Stanescu
Founder, RETHINK


For Mentees (Mandatory Activity) 

For Mentors (Optional)

Getting Buy in for Your Idea or Vision

Time Commitment: We recommend 20 minutes to complete this activity.  (feel free to put into it as much time as you can)

Deadline: Monday, August 15

One of the most demanding challenges of leaders and managers is influencing stakeholders to support their ideas.

This exercise will give you the opportunity to practice clarifying your story to get buy in for an idea or a decision by using a framework that maximizes a win-win experience.  

1. Fill out the answers the the questions below.  

  • What decision needs to be made?
  • Stakeholder buy in —  Who should be involved? Think of who has information or expertise that can contribute to making a quality decision?
  • Capability — How capable and experienced are the stakeholders who need to be involved in the decision process?
  • Importance — How important is the issue to them?
  • Commitment — What level of involvement or type of input would you need from them? How much they should be involved so that they can confidently support the implementation of the decision? How much time can be spent on making the decision?
  • What is in it for them? — What is the potential value of using this opportunity to create a stronger team? What advantage they might get from adressing the situation?

Feel free to use your own example for a challenge you are facing or choose from a scenarios below:

  • Introducing significant organizational changes (layoff, new management etc)
  • Making employees feel they are a valuable part of the organization
  • Introducing a new process to your team to help work more effectively
  • Hiring a new team member that you think has potential but other stakeholders doubt that

2. Submit your assignment here in the community.

— Explain what considerations or criteria you will take into account in order to get buy in.

— Mention what are your constraints or the blockers you see in the decision process and where would you need feedback from other learners in the Storytelling program.

— Read other submissions for this challenge and give feedback to (at least) one learner in the program on what they can do better to maximize their success in getting buy in.

To consider this assignment complete - each of you needs to receive at least one comment / feedback for your assignment from other learners in the Storytelling program. If no one gave you feedback by Monday August 15 you need to convince someone from the community - Find a participant in the program (in the private group here ) and kindly ask them to review your assignment and give you feedback.