How to Be a Strong Leader Without Sacrificing Who You Are

When you think of the word "leader", what or who comes to mind? What do you see? Why? 

In this talk, Emily Luke, Head of UX Design at Thoughtworks Products explores the way we see and define leaders and leadership. 

She dives into these perceptions and how she had to grapple with them in her own journey into leadership. You'll leave with a better sense of how to personalize your leadership style with confidence, without feeling like you have to fake it.

About the Speaker

Emily Luke | Head of UX Design @ThoughtWorks Products | @emilyeatskale

Emily is Head of UX Design at ThoughtWorks Products, the products division of a consultancy that builds cool stuff for software development teams. Her career as a designer started in grade school with countless hours of diorama building and cardboard fort-making. Other careers before this have included: non-profit fundraiser, copywriter/editor, content strategist, and consultant. She lives for making the complex simple and eats way too much ice cream.