Developing Confidence to Influence and Lead

Program Length
Workshop Day 1
FEB 11, 2022
Workshop DAY 2
FEB 25, 2022
9:30 - 12:00PM PDT
Online Program
Time Commitment
2.5h / week
Senior, Staff, Principal
Product Designers, UX/ UI Designers

Developing Influence and Leadership Skills

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day workshop
500+ previous attendees

from Product Designer to
Design Manager

Whether you're considering a move into design management or you're a new manager already, you're probably asking yourself a lot of questions. Do I want to be a manager? How can I know I'll be good at it? What does it take to be a great design manager?

Making the transition is not easy and is important to have clarity into your skills. Join an impactful leadership program with 2 workshops to discuss challenges and help you develop into an impactful manager.

Trainer: Jian Wei

Design Manager, Zendesk


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Strategies to grow into a design manager


Part 1: Aug 11
Part 2: Aug 18

9:30 - 12:00pm PDT 

This program is online and includes two live workshops with fun thought-provoking activities led by Jian Wei.


2 hrs/week

We recommend investing
2 hrs/week for 2 weeks to attend the LIVE workshops.

Lifetime access to video lessons and a workbook.


An action plan for a smooth transition

Discuss your specific challenges and learn new skills, strategies and techniques for your journey into management and how to create a clear plan to and grow intentionally.


Who is this workshop for?

Individual contributors considering to move into management

Design Managers who need guidance as they stepped into the role

Why this program?

How do you know if you're ready to transition from an individual contributor to a manager? How do you start conversations with your manager about moving into people management? How can you be successful in managing? 

The two-day workshop aims to equip designers who are exploring a transition into people management with tools, frameworks, and resources to help them strengthen their skills and work effectively as new managers.

Learn Jian Wei's philosophy and methods for a smooth transition. This two-part workshop series will leave you with clarity and energy to understand the attributes and expectations of a design manager, and how to measure your impact and be successful as a design manager.
Discuss Challenges
Analyze examples of leadership problems that arise in cross-functional teams and how to grow into a leader as an individual contributor.
Assess Your Skills
Access a workbook, a self - assessment tool to understand where are things working? Where are you seeing breakdowns?
Create an Action Plan
Discuss strategies and techniques on how to become more influent, and lead projects and teams based on trust and relationships.

Meet Jian Wei
and get a sneak peek into the workshop


What will you learn?


Understand the skills expectations of a design manager

AUG 11, 9:30AM - 12:00PM PDT
  • How do you know if management is right for you?
  • What does it take to be a great design manager?
  • How do you know when you’re ready to be a design manager?
  • What are the skills and expectations as a manager vs as an IC?
  • How do you dip your toes into design management before making the transition?
  • How to coach / mentor / educate and inspire other designers

How to measure your impact and manage your team

AUG185, 9:30AM - 12:00PM PDT
  • How do you give feedback to your design team as a new manager?
  • How do you measure your work and impact as a manager?
  • What are some frameworks to evaluate the skills of your design team?
  • How do celebrate success and support team members' well-being?
  • How to manage the hiring process and assemble a diverse design team.
  • How to intentionally create transparency and set clear expectations with your team? 

What our community say

Grow Into an Impactful
Design Manager

Understand your skills and areas of improvement and how to decide if management is right for you. Grow into a design manager. Inspire others to collaborate and work towards a more cohesive and intentional career journey.


How will you learn?

Learn from Experienced Design Leaders

Attend two intimate workshop-style programs (online via Zoom) for 2 weeks to solidify what you're learning and apply the frameworks and concepts in action. Enhance your perspective on being an impactful design leader.

Learn with a Small Peer Group

This program is designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction. Going through a program with a group of curated design peers facing similar challenges like you is the best way to ensure transformation for your career. We're keeping the cohort small to ensure you master the concepts we're teaching, learn and get support from peers.

Join a Private Community of Design Leaders

Join our member-only curated community of design leaders. Get 1 year access to Leadership Circle where you'll continue to be supported via ongoing events and accountability after the 2 weeks of the program.

Ask Questions

Get support on your challenges

Grow your network

Learn by Doing

This program is structured as: “Learn → Practice → Get Feedback". Each week you get a worksheet to practice, actionable methods and strategies to summarize the concepts and help you immediately put them into action.

Frameworks, worksheets and resources

Lectures, homework and practice sessions

More stories from  attendees

Create change in your organization and adapt your style through your language, actions and embodiment of leadership.