Assignment - What is your influencing style?

Julie Stanescu
Founder, RETHINK


If you want to develop your storytelling skills and be more effective as a leader and influence stakeholders it is important to reflect on previous experiences.

The objective of this exercise is to consider how you have led and influenced in the past and leverage this skill for the future.

What is your influencing style?

Think about a situation when you have influenced someone in your team to do something you considered valuable for the team and company.

it can be: your company hired a new team member you interviewed, your idea got prioritized and implemented, you got budget to invest in a new initiative, you got budget to hire a UX researcher, you negotiated your salary, you were hired to help with a complex project)

  1. Write the story of this event using the Freytag framework Cintia Presented in her workshop (screenshot below). Reflect on the following: What was your influencing approach? How did you build credibility? How did you demonstrate the value of your idea? What partnerships did you build? What are the benefits and pitfalls of your style? 
  2. Share your reflections in the community here.  No need to post the whole story that you wrote. Just your reflections: What project did you get influence for? What was your influencing approach? What are the benefits and pitfalls of your style?

Effective influence is determined by a combination of 3 key elements:

  1. Credibility - it is built on the trust of others acting with integrity and effective track record.
  2. Ability to demonstrate the value of something - People are convinced by rational persuasion.
  3. Building partnerships - Influencing requires other people's participation and consultation. Nearly everyone is willing to support an initiative or a plan in which they have a meaningful say.

The Freytag Framework