Shay Ghassemian

Senior Product Designer, CZI

Shay's work experiments with the intersection of art and technology, with the purpose of "sense-making" in the social sector. Her design and day-to-day life is focused on the environment, healthcare, social justice and education.
She is highly invested in the concept of cooperation. Not only her projects are done in partnership and co-design, they also facilitate the concept of collaboration in facing the problem area.

As a designer in the Education team at CZI, she works with cross-functional teams to make sense of research insights and data to create thoughtful experiences for educators and students. Her role is divided in helping set a common ground for pedagogy and design (e.g. by doing expert interviews and creating a service blueprint of ideal pedagogical user actions within the product), and creating visual interfaces to translate those ideal states into product features (e.g. by creating wireframes and prototypes and user testing).

She has also been a researcher and designer for cancer care products, and digital social justice tools.