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Sarah Wille

Staff UX Researcher, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Sarah is a collaborative user experience researcher with a background in anthropology and academic-oriented education research, and a passion for creating inclusive, equitable experiences.

As an Experience Researcher at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, she helps guide cross-functional teams to create thoughtful, rigorous mixed-methods research studies (discovery through evaluative) that inspire new ideas and drive informed action. Her role is equal parts research driver and research process guide for those with formal roles outside of my own. Sarah loves the partnerships she forges with her cross-functional teammates through this work, that lead to learning and growth on all sides.

In her past lives she's been a researcher of STEM education, a creator of professional learning workshops for teachers, and an archaeologist exploring the relationships between pottery and people in Belize + Egypt.


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Sarah Wille
Staff UX Researcher, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative