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Jen Kozenski-Devins

Head of Accessibility UX, Google

Jen has been a UX Designer for 20 years and over time found herself immersed in the world of inclusive design and accessibility. Her goal is to learn from users and educate product teams on ways to make products more inclusive. During her career at Google, Jen was a design manager on products such as Search, Google Analytics, and G Suite and is now the Head of Google Accessibility UX. Before Google, she worked on the main shopping experience at eBay.


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End of Average

This book provided great insights about how there is no average person (physically, intellectually, etc) so the idea of working to be "above average" is an unfair and unrealistic expectation we put on ourselves and others. Most importantly, because schools, companies and others use these averages to measure people, it forces us to work at becoming the average instead of embracing our individuality. As a mother, manager, and person passionate about inclusive design this motivates me to encourage myself and others to set goals based on real individuals and ourselves -- not an idealized standard that describes no one. ‍

Jen Kozenski-Devins
Head of Accessibility UX, Google