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Ian Oliver

Design Manager, Netflix

Ian is a design leader originally from Boston, now based in San Francisco. He currently leads the Customer Health design team at Netflix, focusing on member and growth messaging, as well as customer support tooling. Before that, he managed a few of the Product Design teams at Zendesk that help build the best customer experiences.


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It doesn't have to be crazy at work

I chose this book because there's a pervading culture of overworking ourselves and our teams, and as a manager, you can really be part of a positive shift away from that. This book is a collection of "work smarter, not harder" ideas that challenge the day-to-day grind of modern tech work. It may package sections with silly little titles like "No fakecations" and "Don't be a knee-jerk" but it will inspire you to rethink at least a few of the status quos in your work life, and be more mindful of how you set your team up to be happy and successful.

Ian Oliver
Design Manager, Netflix