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Garrett Miller

Head of Engineering, Slack

Garrett currently works with Slack's designers to create Slack Kit, their product design language and UI framework. He has spent a good chunk of his life working within the nooks and crannies of software engineering, business development, product design, and user experience. After doing many of those things at Mapbox and Opower, he now leads design systems engineering at Slack.


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Time Management
Getting Things Done

In terms of being a better engineer, Getting Things Done looks about as generic as it comes, but it teaches core fundamentals of time and project management that every engineer should know. At a senior level, engineering is really just project management and setting expectations. This book was incredibly helpful in starting to operate within those parameters. ‍‍

Garrett Miller
Head of Engineering, Slack
Product Design
The Art of Looking Sideways

In general, no book has influenced me in terms of design/product thinking like The Art of Looking Sideways. It's random, dense, and any single page is a source of inspiration.

Garrett Miller
Head of Engineering, Slack