Arielle Julie

Talent Brand Lead at Zillow

Arielle Julie is a seasoned Recruiter with over 15 years of experience helping organizations hire, build and scale teams.

She's hired over 500 people in her career, and coached more than 1,000 through the interview and salary negotiation process across the tech and entertainment industries for companies like Pandora Radio, Uber, Slack, HBO Max and Pinterest. Having worked across the Detroit, San Francisco, LA and NYC markets, Arielle has a strong pulse on what candidates are looking for in today’s job market--as well as what the current Cost of Labor looks like.

She’s currently leading Talent Brand execution at Zillow.

In addition to building employer branding, Arielle works as an independent consultant providing 1:1 interview preparation, salary negotiation guidance, and leading career development workshops for young professionals of color and women of all levels. She also provides regular career coaching to graduating students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where she studied Communication. Her background also includes account and project management roles in advertising.