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Allison Shaw

Senior Manager, Design Systems, Zendesk

Allison Shaw has a passion for design systems and a knack for shipping products with major impact for both customers and bottom lines. Currently, she leads design for Zendesk’s Garden Design System, with a focus on accessibility, design tooling, documentation, and design/engineering collaboration. Previously, she drove the customer experience on Thumbtack, helped grow a world wide audience at Twitter, and led the design of Yelp.com. Allison hails from the East Coast, and earned her MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Besides designing products, Allison loves her wife Amy, their dog Mac, rock climbing, bike riding, and all kinds of noodles.


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Accessibility for Everyone

This book makes accessibility, well, accessible for everyone. The author does a great job breaking down the basics of accessibility, without ever getting too in the weeds. It’s a great as a quick reference and easy enough to read in a single weekend. Allison likes giving it to PMs to read to help them understand how low-effort accessibility can be.

Allison Shaw
Senior Manager, Design Systems, Zendesk