Evolve your design leadership skills

Illustration by Irene Falgueras - Product Designer & Blush Artist

Building leadership capabilities is a process of self-awareness, skill development, and personal commitment. Growing your career to the next level either as staff designer, or design manager requires acknowledging your blind spots, and understanding what are the opportunities for growth. But being self-aware and accepting your imperfections is not enough. You need to practice your new skills in a safe environment with a trustworthy person or a small group that can provide support and also challenge you.

Jeff Smith - Senior Design Manager. This interview was recorded when Jeff was working at Airbnb

Today we are extremely excited to introduce RETHINK Leadership Circle, a private learning hub for product designers and design managers, providing unparalleled access to resources, private events, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Members meet with other design peers regularly in small groups, they get mentorship around their challenges, and support each other's goals. A fresh approach to developing design leadership skills by practicing in a safe environment.


Great leaders motivate teams and ensure they can align by nurturing commitment to a common vision, shared values, and shared purpose. Leaders empower others to maximize potential. They create a climate that fosters excellence, they give people the opportunity and latitude to grow and achieve results. Leaders facilitate agreement and create environments and opportunities for teams with diverse perspective to share and collaborate effectively together.

RETHINK Leadership Circle is dedicated to the proposition that having a great network of product design experts to have open and honest conversations on the same challenges can help product design teams achieve more than they can achieve alone. Leadership is a core competency and we believe it can be taught. It's like a muscle you can build.

If you’re looking for a safe space to connect more deeply with senior-level design peers (Product Designers, Design Managers, UX Researchers) who are going to challenge each other to step into a much bigger playing field and have a bigger impact on their professional development journey then Join RETHINK Leadership Circle.

Our current members are characterized by their commitment to professional growth, positive leadership, interest in learning and self-improvement. Some of them include product designers and managers from top tech companies - Google, LinkedIn, OpenTable, Coinbase, Facebook, Everlaw, Zendesk, Apple, and more - as well experienced product designers who work in startups.


People who support Leadership Circle

Deepest thanks to the following people who graciously offered feedback
and support while beta testing Leadership Circle.

Leslie Yang

Director, Product Design

Jeff Smith

Senior Design Manager

Julie Zhuo


Aniruddha Kadam

Product Design Manager

Jen Kozenski-Devins

Head of Google
Accessibility UX

Jian Wei

Design Manager

Courtney Kaplan

Leadership Coach

Cammy Lin

Product Design Manager

Sun Dai

Senior Product Designer

Liana Dumitru

Design Manager

Mike Dick

Julie Stanescu
Founder, RETHINK
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