Coaching through crisis

We pair design professionals with an accomplished design leader for 5 weeks to discuss the challenges that affect their professional growth.
Program PERIOD
May 15
Online Program
2 weeks
Time Commitment
1 hour / weekly
Mid - Sr. Product Designers
Mid - Sr. UX Researchers
Mid - Sr. Design Managers
1:1 working sessions
This is a part time 5 weeks program. Design leaders will meet with mentees virtually for 1:1 working sessions, every week for 1 hour long meetings. They set the timeframes & dates based on their availability.
Work with experts
Design professionals will be paired with an accomplished design leader for a unique coaching experience. They'll help mentees discuss challenges, answer questions, identify goals and provide support in achieving them.
Expand your network
Participate in private virtual events and programing to deepen relationships with other designers, reflect and connect with other design professionals.

Accelerate your professional growth

We're creating a safe, inclusive and non - judgmental space for design professionals to discuss the challenges that affect their professional growth.

Whether you need to develop processes within your organization, scale teams, develop leadership skills, navigate career transitions, or move to the next level in your career this is a great opportunity to grow and learn.

We're encouraging all design professionals who have been affected by the COVID-19 challenges or layoffs to apply and be part of the program.

Rethink has given me the opportunity to teach and coach designers outside of my workplace and practice my leadership skills.

Jian Wei - Lead Product Designer, Zendesk
Mentor at previous RETHINK events
Become a Mentor

What's in it for you?

This is a great opportunity to help one another grow, and practice your leadership skills while coaching other designers for professional growth. You also get the opportunity to build genuine connections with other design professionals.
  • Develop leadership & communication skills
  • Give back to the community by helping others grow
  • Create meaningful connections
  • Understand and work on your blind spots

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