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The System Always Kicks Back

Congratulations! You’ve launched a design system. Everyone loves it. Everything is great! But… Now what? Lucky for you, building a successful system is just the first step.

Last year, Shopify launched Polaris — a multi-year effort that brought Shopify’s experience together. In this talk, Kyle uses examples from ongoing efforts with the UX team at Shopify to keep Polaris working.

He covers how we’ve grown the system and the challenges we’ve encountered along the way. He talks about scaling the team and scaling the system while making sure it all doesn't fall apart. Through it all, he shared some light on the new problems you should expect after you build a successful system at your company.

About the Speaker

Kyle Peatt | Director of UX at Shopify | @kpeatt

Kyle enjoys problems. Lucky for him, leading Product UX at Shopify provides plenty of opportunities to think about complicated interconnected problems and try to come up with simple, powerful solutions.  As Director of UX, Kyle leads interdisciplinary teams across content, research, design, and front-end development to create great experiences to help Shopify’s hundreds of thousands of merchants. He also enjoys a good game of crib.