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How to Get Better at Giving and Receiving Feedback

In this talk, Julie Zhuo - VP of Product Design at Facebook gives an overview of her top tips for getting and giving feedback and include several examples from her experience.

The talk includes questions to help challenge your perspective around giving and receiving feedback. Various feedback scenario prompts are put up on a slide and you can practice working through these conversations. It is effective if you do that with a partner. The partners will then give feedback to each other on how each delivered and received the feedback and then switch roles. Each person will have a chance to go through several scenarios as both the deliverer of the feedback and the person receiving it and discuss how they could have been more effective.

Some examples:

  • You have to tell your top performing employee that his work did not meet your standards. You want him to stay motivated and continue performing, but you know he gets defeated easily and will take this feedback personally.

  • Your most senior employee just quit and her deputy wants to know about the future of your team. You're sitting down in a 1x1 with her and want to encourage her to stay and feel positive about the company.