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Product Illustration at Scale

Illustration has made its way into product design in a big way and shows no signs of slowing down. But as illustration gains screen space, our understanding of how/when to use it strategically falls behind.

In this talk, Meg covers what it means to make product illustration accessible to an entire organization, and the role education plays in extending the reach of any specialty team. She shares examples of what it means to keep multiple illustrators speaking from the same voice, and how they learned to change their tone to suit the many needs of the product. 

About the Speaker 

Meg Robichaud | Illustration Lead @Shopify | @megdraws

Meg is an illustrator and designer based out of Vancouver, Canada. She works to advocate for illustrators as designers and thinks about illustration as part of a larger design system. She leads the illustration team at Shopify, where she helped build the design system, Polaris. Before Shopify Meg worked as a freelance illustrator where she focused on connecting the marketing voice and product voice through illustration.