Interactive Prototyping with Framer
6:30 PM18:30

Interactive Prototyping with Framer

Join us for a conversation on how product designers Shana Hu (Pinterest), Zach Johnston (Dropbox) & Jeff Smith (Facebook) design interactive prototypes using Framer to communicate ambitious ideas to their teams and test those with their users.

They'll share the nitty gritty of their prototyping workflow, how they apply design principles to their prototyping process, as well as how they use prototyping to provoke change within their companies.

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Building Highly Effective Design Teams
6:00 PM18:00

Building Highly Effective Design Teams


The team performance and culture within a company are influenced greatly by the people within it. The way you structure the team, distribute responsibility, define goals and constraints, set the team for success, can make or break a culture that enables positive design outcomes.

Join us for a conversation with Joel Califa and Stephanie Engle who will share strategies and tactics to answer questions like:

  • How to build and nurture effective design teams?
  • How do you build teams to design for emerging technology like VR or autonomous vehicles?
  • How do you determine who to hire and how to match your new design hires with the challenges that the company has?
  • How do you ensure that the design team you build is going to be successful within the context of your organization?
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