Leading as an Individual Contributor

Program Length
3 weeks
Workshop Day 1
APR 14, 1:30 - 4:00pm PDT
Workshop DAY 2
APR 30, 11:00 - 1:30pm PDT
Online Program
Time Commitment
2.5h / week
Senior, Staff, Principal
Product Designers, UX/ UI Designers

Why this program?

This interactive, two-session workshop focuses to help you understand how to grow your career as a Leader Individual Contributor, what being a leader means to you and how to build trust and influence as an IC.

We will do this through discussions and a few fun activities. This workshop series will leave you with clarity and energy towards the next step of your career.
Discuss Challenges
Analyze examples of leadership problems that arise in cross-functional teams and how to grow into a leader as an individual contributor.
Assess Your Skills
Access a workbook, a self - assessment tool to understand where are things working? Where are you seeing breakdowns?
Create an Action Plan
Discuss strategies and techniques on how to lead effective projects and teams based on trust and relationships.

Meet your program trainers

Sun Dai

Product Designer, Design Systems

Frank Bach

Lead Product Designer


RETHINK programs gave me great insight into the next steps of my career, as well as many resources to help carry me through the next few months. I feel like I left the program with exactly what I needed - a plan to upgrade my career over the next few years.

Carly Johnson
Sr. Product Designer, Apple

What we'll cover?

Understand yourself as a designer

APRIL 14, 1:30 - 4:00 PM, PDT
  • Understand what being a leader means to you.
  • Best practices and approach to how to lead better as an individual contributor.
  • Frameworks and methods on how to understand your values and goals as an IC designer.
  • Practical activities to evaluate your skill sets to have a better understanding of yourself as a designer.
  • Understand what being a leader means to you.
  • Action items to work towards your career goals.
Sun Dai

Product Designer, Design Systems

Frank Bach

Lead Product Designer


Transitioning from senior product designer to lead

APRIL 30, 11:00 - 1:30 PM, PDT
  • Best practices and approach to navigating and designing career growth towards a leadership role as an IC.
  • How to build visibility and credibility to influence stakeholders (higher-ups) and colleagues (on the same level or junior).
  • Challenges in collaborating with stakeholders. “Having the answers” — being ready to speak or present.
  • Influencing strategy, teams, and business outcomes.
  • Techniques on how to frame design and product decisions in the context of the business impact.
  • How to approach your salary negotiation (tips and resources).

Create change in your organization and adapt your style through your language, actions and embodiment of leadership.

What you'll receive

  • Access to 2 virtual workshops with interactive activities led by Frank Bach and Sun Dai.
  • A digital workbook to work on activities and help get clarity on your challenges.
  • Support to create a clear action plan for how grow into a leader as an individual contributor
  • 30 days FREE access to our private, Members - Only community to ask questions and get support from other leaders.