Leadership Development Program

Program Duration
A 2-day workshop series
Online Program
Time Commitment
2 hours / week
$450 / program
Why this program?

Transitioning from
Product Designer to Design Manager?

Are you looking to transition from individual contributor to a design manager or simply taking on a leadership role at your company? 

We're creating a safe space for you to work on your skills to become an impactful leader and manager by discussing how to scale yourself, how to build trust, how to have crucial conversations or handle difficult feedback, how to get meaningful feedback about performance, how to shift moods of a team, and get commitments to drive the outcomes you want. Here's a preview into what you'll learn:
Discuss Challenges
Analyze examples of common leadership challenges that arise in cross-functional teams and how to deliver clear problem-focused communication.
Assess Your Skills
Access a workbook, a self - assessment tool to understand where are things working? Where are you seeing breakdowns?
Create an Action Plan
Discuss strategies and techniques on how to lead effective communication based on trust and relationships.

RETHINK programs gave me great insight into the next steps of my career, as well as many resources to help carry me through the next few months. I feel like I left the program with exactly what I needed - a plan to upgrade my career over the next few years.

Carly Johnson
Sr. Product Designer, Apple

Meet Your Program Coach

Courtney Kaplan

Leadership Coach
Former Director of Design Program Management at Facebook

Courtney coaches leaders to build effective teams that generate results. She also works with individuals to create meaningful lives based on their values.

Prior, Courtney was an early leader in Design Operations at Facebook. As a former designer, Courtney founded the Design Program Management discipline at Facebook in 2013 to help operationalize the rapidly growing product design teams at Facebook. Her team pioneered how Design Operations could benefit technology companies.

Supporting a product org that grew tenfold during her time at Facebook, she learned to move quickly, drive impact and collaborate in a company that serves billions.

With over 20 years of people-centered problem solving, Courtney is passionate about designing and building effective teams.

Create change in your organization and adapt your style as a manager through your language, actions and embodiment of leadership.

Become an Impactful Design Leader

  • Culture - Learn to build a culture that is attractive and effective.
  • Growth - Identify your blind spots and leadership growth opportunities.
  • Relationships - What’s your “relationship graph” look like with peers, partners, and leaders?
  • Product - Manage difficult conversations, handle difficult feedback.
  • Hiring - Understand who to hire and how to build a strong team.

What you'll get?

  • Access to 2 virtual workshops with interactive activities led by Courtney Kaplan.
  • A digital workbook to work on activities and help get clarity on your challenges.
  • Support to create a clear action plan for how to lead with intention.
  • 20% discount to One 1:1 private coaching meeting with Courtney Kaplan after the program ends.
  • FREE One Month access to our private, Members - Only community to learn and get support from other leaders.