Leadership Development Program

An impactful leadership program with 2 workshops to help you assess your growth areas as a leader, deliver clear-problem focused-communication, build trust with your team, shifting the mood of a team to get the commitments that drive the outcomes you want.

Trainer: Courtney Kaplan

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Scale yourself through effective communication


When is the program?

Dates to be confirmed.
This program is online and includes two live workshops with fun thought-provoking activities led by Courtney Kaplan


2 hrs/week

We recommend investing
2 hrs/week for 2 weeks to attend the LIVE workshops.

Lifetime access to video lessons and a workbook.


Strategies to
be an impactful leader

Discuss your specific challenges.
Learn new skills, strategies and techniques to build trust with your team.
Set clear expectations, lead teams with confidence to drive the outcomes you want.


Design Professionals

Design Managers

ICs looking to take on more leadership responsibility or transitioning into management

Design Program Managers

UX Research Managers

Why this program?

As we are getting more and more responsibility as design leaders we get overwhelmed and we are prone to overcommitting.

Learn Courtney Kaplan's leadership philosophy and operational efficiency practices to help you develop a rhythm for your work & effective communication.

This two-part workshop series will leave you with clarity and energy towards scaling yourself as a leader. We will do this through discussions and a series of  thought-provoking activities with design peers facing similar challenges.

Meet Courtney Kaplan
Your Workshop Trainer


Courtney coaches leaders to build effective teams that generate results. She also works with individuals to create meaningful lives based on their values.

Prior, Courtney was an early leader in Design Operations at Facebook. As a former designer, Courtney founded the Design Program Management discipline at Facebook in 2013 to help operationalize the rapidly growing product design teams at Facebook. Her team pioneered how Design Operations could benefit technology companies.

Supporting a product org that grew tenfold during her time at Facebook, she learned to move quickly, drive impact and collaborate in a company that serves billions.

With over 20 years of people-centered problem solving, Courtney is passionate about designing and building effective teams.

What will you learn?

PART 1: 
Scaling Capacity and Driving Influence
  • How do you assess your current leadership & communication skills, identify your blind spots and leadership growth opportunities.
  • How do you scale your capacity, delegate appropriately and grow your role?
  • How do you motivate and influence others?
  • How to deliver clear problem-focused communication
  • How do you establish clear standards, set goals, and expectations?
  • Operations Leadership:
    How do you collaborate efficiently, work better together?
Building Trust and Relationships
  • How do you establish strong, trusted relationships with senior leadership or with your manager that allow for open feedback and frank discussion?
  • How do you navigate through the expectations of taking up more work? How to say no and focus.
  • How do you open a difficult conversation frameworks for how to give or receive meaningful feedback. 
  • How do you handle difficult feedback with your team or XFN partners?
  • Navigating the complexity of your scope and establishing the right focus at the right time.
  • How to lead effective communication based on trust and relationships

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How will you learn?

Learn from a Leadership Coach

Attend two intimate workshop-style programs (online via Zoom) for 2 weeks to solidify what you're learning and apply the frameworks and concepts in action. Enhance your perspective on being an impactful design leader.

Learn with a Small Peer Group

This program is designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction. Going through a program with a group of curated design peers facing similar challenges like you is the best way to ensure transformation for your career. We're keeping the cohort small to ensure you master the concepts we're teaching, learn and get support from peers.

Join a Private Community of Design Leaders

Join our member-only curated community of design leaders. Get 1 year access to Leadership Circle where you'll continue to be supported via ongoing events and accountability after the 2 weeks of the program.

Ask Questions

Get support on your challenges

Grow your network

Learn by Doing

This program is structured as: “Learn → Practice → Get Feedback". Each week you get a worksheet to practice, actionable methods and strategies to summarize the concepts and help you immediately put them into action.

Frameworks, worksheets and resources

Lectures, homework and practice sessions