Leading as an Individual Contributor Product Designer

Workshop PART 1
Workshop PART 2
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1:00 - 3:30pm PDT 
Online Program
Time Commitment
Mid-Senior Product Designers
Mid-Senior Design Managers
Staff, Principal Product Designers

Why this program?

At most technology companies, you'll reach Senior Product Design career level in five years. At that point you have the opportunity to pursue design management or continue down the path of design excellence to become a Staff, Principal Designer.

When faced with new, unfamiliar territory and skill up-leveling, it can be easy to hold back out of fear or self-doubt. It doesn’t have to be this way! This program helps you understand your strengths, impact, and abilities so that you grow your career to the next level.

How can you level up? What does it mean to be a leader as an individual contributor? How to track career growth, your achievements and impact, and what skills are required to be a leader?

In this two part workshop series, learn strategies that will support you in your aim to advocate for your promotion.
Discuss Challenges
Gain clarity on your strengths and impact as a designer. Recognize and name your self-doubts and what holds you back.
Access a workbook with activities to identify strengths and celebrate achievements. Reframe your challenges as opportunities to further your ability to lead.
Create a Development Plan
Discuss strategies and conversations you will need to have in order to advocate for what you want, negotiate & influence with impact.

Meet Your
Workshop Trainer

Jen Enrique

Staff Product Designer

Jen Enrique is a Staff Product Designer at Slack (previously at Momentive.ai/SurveyMonkey). With over 14 years experience, she has worked across the spectrum of design at agencies, startups, and big companies. Today, she champions usable and beautiful user experiences, building and supporting design team culture, and teaching designers how to advocate for themselves at work.

As a second generation child of immigrants, she had to learn early on how to navigate corporate cultures without insider expertise, connections, or formal mentors. In the last year, she has parlayed this experience into guiding 100+ designers as they break into design and navigate their careers through RETHINK programs and other platforms.

an inclusive and equitable workshop:
This workshop is helpful for designers and managers who don't have much support in navigating corporate cultures, as well as for BIPOC or Women of Color aiming to amplify their voices to advance their careers as design leaders.

What we'll cover?

How to talk about your impact?

SEP 23, 1:00 - 3:30pm PDT
  • The shifting balance of soft skills vs. hard skills as you move up and progress in your career as a designer.
  • Understand what gets in your way: self-doubt, imposter syndrome, cultural expectations, negative self-talk, inner critics, and/or perfectionism.
  • Analyze where you think you are vs. what you want. What are your “areas of opportunity”?
  • Strategies to identify achievements and the impact you’ve had on your team/projects.
  • Practical tips for framing your achievements: Helpful scripts and action-oriented words that clearly illustrate what you do.
  • Overcome barriers, grow as a leader and advance your career.

How to advocate for your career growth?

OCT 7, 1:00 - 3:30pm PDT
  • How to ask for more challenging/visible work, How to talk about your work week-to-week, and How to track your career growth.
  • Practical methods: How to have a productive career conversation with your manager.
  • Sponsor mapping: How to identify and network with potential champions in your organization to help advocate for you.
  • Identify ways you can practice and self-advocate for your promotion and career growth.
  • Methods to celebrate your achievements and contributions everyday.
  • Recognize your fears and use those as an opportunity to build yourself up.

Meeting Jen through the RETHINK program has been so great for my career growth so far. She provided tactical tips on how to approach big projects and strategic advice on how to approach promotions with my manager.

Jen helped me gain the confidence I needed to advocate for myself and ultimately get that promotion! She has a lot of experience mentoring designers, and it’s clear that she truly cares about each one.

Annie C.
Senior Product Designer

What you'll receive

  • Access to two virtual workshops with interactive activities led by Jen Enrique.
  • A digital workbook to work on activities and help get clarity on your challenges.
  • Support to create a clear action plan for how to identify & recognize your achievements & impact to move up to the next level.
  • 30 days FREE access to our private, Members - Only community to ask questions and get support from other leaders.

Create change in your organization and adapt your style through your language, actions and embodiment of leadership.