How to define or refine your hiring strategy

Do you have a strategy and vision for how to scale a design team from a handful to a dozen? Should you promote internally vs. hire? What type of skills do you need to hire for?

Learn how to best to optimize your skills for a human-centered hiring experience in a remote, distributed and/or hybrid workplace environment. 

Trainer: Chetana Deorah

Director of Product Design, Coursera


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Adjust your strategy to meet your hiring needs


When is the program?

This program is online and includes 2 live workshops led by Chetana Deorah.

PART 1: Fri, April 22
9:30 - 11:30am PDT 

PART 2: Thu, April 28
9:30 - 11:30am PDT 


2.5 hrs/week

We recommend investing
2.5 hrs/week for two weeks to attend the LIVE workshops.

Get lifetime access to a workbook and the video recording of the lessons.


Enhance your leadership & hiring skills

Discuss your specific challenges and questions. Learn new skills, strategies and techniques to improve your hiring strategy, drive alignment and hire well-qualified candidates.


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone from product, design, UX research & designops teams can attend.

Product teams looking to define and/or refine their hiring strategy and facing  challenges.

Why this program?

As hiring managers, one of the key responsibilities is building and growing our team by hiring talent. However, in the current remote and/or hybrid work situation, finding the most relevant people and ensuring an effective and efficient hiring experience for everyone involved is incredibly challenging.

In this 2-part workshop series we will teach you how to define and/or refine your hiring strategy and approach to recruiting, assessing and attracting top talent in alignment with your team and business needs. How to best optimize for a human-centered hiring experience in a remote, distributed and/or hybrid workplace environment. Hone in on your leadership skills to build effective teams by scaling existing teams or building teams from scratch.

Meet Chetana Deorah
Your Workshop Trainer

Discuss Challenges
Analyze examples of problems that design managers face in the hiring process and ways on how to grow and adapt the process to make it more effective.
Access a workbook with activities to understand where are things working? Where are you seeing breakdowns? What can be improved?
Create an Action Plan
Discuss strategies and techniques on how to hire better and faster making it a better experience for everyone.


What will you learn?

Develop a hiring strategy and design team vision
  • Scaling a design team - Do you have a strategy and vision for how to scale a design team from a handful to a dozen?
  • Mapping your hiring needs and understanding gaps on the team
  • Defining team vision and assessing talent
  • Defining skills with sourcing & networking
  • Assessing your strengths and areas for growth as a hiring manager
  • Should I promote internally vs. hire? What type of skills do I need to hire for?
  • How do you make a case for a role that does not exist?
Design a world-class interview experience for your team and for the candidate
  • Discuss challenges in your current hiring strategy and ways to improve by tapping into the human-centered approach to problem-solving.
  • Create your interview plan & strategy
  • Work with limitations and constraints
  • Collaborate with recruiters, staffing agencies or learn to navigate challenges solo!
  • Align the interview panel on expectations and assessment
  • Strengthen your manager skills as a sourcer, interviewer and decision-maker

Enhance Your Leadership
Skills to Build Effective Teams

Join an impactful leadership program with 2 workshops to discuss challenges in your current hiring process as a design manager and how to adjust your strategy to meet your goals.

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What we'll cover?

Chetana Deorah

Director of Product Design


Build effective
design teams with a human-centered approach

  • Understand how to make difficult hiring choices and one that is best suited to your organization's culture.
  • Map the elements of the interview process and discuss frameworks on how to adjust your strategy to meet your goals.
  • As a Design Manager, explore your authentic approach based on tactics and frameworks to create a compelling and inclusive hiring process. 
  • Discuss challenges in the current hiring process and ways to improve your hiring strategy by tapping into the human-centered approach to problem-solving.
  • Understand how to put a personal touch into your hiring process, and learn from mistakes. As with most leadership skills, hiring best practices can evolve and get better over time with learnings from various successes and failures. 

How will you learn?

Learn from Experienced Design Leaders

Attend two intimate workshop-style programs (online via Zoom) for 2 weeks to solidify what you're learning and apply the frameworks and concepts in action. Enhance your perspective on being an impactful design leader.

Learn with a Small Peer Group

This program is designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction. Going through a program with a group of curated design peers facing similar challenges like you is the best way to ensure transformation for your career. We're keeping the cohort small to ensure you master the concepts we're teaching, learn and get support from peers.

Join a Private Community of Design Leaders

Join our member-only curated community of design leaders. Get 1 year access to Leadership Circle where you'll continue to be supported via ongoing events and accountability after the 2 weeks of the program.

Ask Questions

Get support on your challenges

Grow your network

Learn by Doing

This program is structured as: “Learn → Practice → Get Feedback". Each week you get a worksheet to practice, actionable methods and strategies to summarize the concepts and help you immediately put them into action.

Frameworks, worksheets and resources

Lectures, homework and practice sessions

Meet Your
Workshop Trainer

Chetana Deorah

Director of Product Design

Chetana Deorah is a product design leader and mentor who helps empower human-centered design to achieve high-impact business growth. Currently, she is Design Director at Coursera and a Program Partner at On Deck. Previously she led design at Netflix, Yahoo, Scribd, an early career at Pentagram, and founded her design studio in India. Her areas of expertise and focus include growth in emerging markets, responsible design, and compassionate leadership.

She volunteers her time to non-profit org Inneract Project and is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. Based in Auroville, an international city in South India, her projects include multidisciplinary exhibit design, visual interpretation of Sri Aurobindo's poetry, and developing a "design thinking in action" education program. 

Create change in your organization and adapt your style through your language, actions and embodiment of leadership.